What is Psychotherapy and Coaching?


Psychotherapy is a process that allows a person to come to a fuller understanding of their  difficulties, motivations, abilities or worries in conjunction with their therapist. Psychotherapy looks at instincts and the unconscious mind, based on the idea that we may have memories or thoughts that we've masked using our mental energy in getting on with the demands of everyday life.

I use a combination of therapeutic techniques, but no matter what the technique, the underpinning principle is that psychotherapy is no magic cure; rather the capacity for cure lies within each person. Over time, clients develop a sense of mastery over their situations, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

Your psychotherapist should always have in-depth psychotherapeutic training and be insured and licensed.


"Working together to put the pieces together"

As I see it, coaching aims to help you achieve clarity and confidence to work through issues that are holding you back from enjoying a challenging and harmonious life.

Personal experience and social science research have shown that people are the sum of their genes, their cumulative experiences and the circumstances in which they live their lives.
I believe, therefore, that successful coaching has to be based on an understanding of all these factors and not just focus on superficial behaviours. For me then, effective, authentic coaching is based on the following five principles:

1. A shared feeling of trust and empathy between client and coach

2. A relationship of equality between client and coach

3. A  desire on the client's part to focus on the future, while acknowledging the effects of the past

4. A willingness by the client to work through challenging issues towards empowerment, self-confidence and a  happier, more productive life

5. A belief in people's ability to accept themselves and yet make changes that will improve their lives.


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